The Secret DJ (book one), available via Amazon and all good booksellers as a paperback and ebook

“When hedonism turned to decadence, I made my excuses and left. The Secret DJ stayed at the party and now sends an insightful, scabrous and darkly beautiful written report.” (Andrew Weatherall)

“This is a gooseflesh-inducing account of the dysfunctional world of fun, where everyone is having it very large indeed, until it all goes Pete Tong.” (Observer)

“The Secret DJ: Withnail And I take fear and loathing to Ibiza and shadow John Niven’s Kill Your Friends. Hooks you in innocently enough with DJ escapades, but twists into a dark no-sleep compulsive page-turning nightmare rant. You can’t shake it off. See if you still want to be a DJ after reading this!” (Annie Nightingale)

“Wild wise and wickedly authoritative – as rip-roaring and authentic a window into this sleepless hedonistic world as you could ever hope to find, at the same time rooted in palpable love and passion for the music, and navigated with impeccable taste.” (Marius de Vries)

“The Secret DJ’s life is one of endless intoxication – messy nights, moody clubs, hospital wards – yet it’s still frequently very funny. And probably a lot funnier to read through than to live through – you’ll often want to cover your eyes. Self-deprecating and sometimes horribly honest, it has the unmistakable ring of truth.” (Bob Stanley)

Told with a reporter’s ear for detail and a comic’s knack for slapstick, this is the truest account you’ll read of what it’s like to live the life of a working DJ. (Bill Brewster)

I recognise the madness of touring and discos. Feels very familiar. Equal parts hilarious and horrific, I recommend this book if you go on the road or find yourself in a dangerously Balearic scenario. (Roisin Murphy)

Secret DJ book one cover